Wednesday, January 17, 2007

for mom carver


Anonymous said...

hey Clare! I love this blog! You are doing a great job of it...and making me VERY thankful for my nice warm house (we heat by wood so it gets tropical at night...). I would love to come watch your adventures...someday...we love trips so you never know.
Chief is gorgeous! I think we're just about settled on a middle-aged Arabian who is just a darling. This weekend we're having a "barn cleaning" and i'm so excited to get everything ready for him!!! You mentioned an accident...i'm guessing it was a riding one? what happened?
anyway, keep up the good work, and keep walking up that hill! I love it!!! I can see you being on Oprah someday for that!

Clare Carver said...

Hey Jaye, thanks for the note : ) I've been a little lax on the blog this past week but not on the walking : ) ... I"m flying back east today(North Carolina where are you again??) to see family yippie!! : ) you and your family would be TOTALLY welcome what fun that would be... re: the horse accident and such that's a long story for a different formatt ; )... any hoo good lulck with school and the computer fun with sharon!! xoxo c

Anonymous said...

hey clare! I think i need to just e-mail you :) But, we are in the Greensboro area...are you coming to NC? i'll travel to see you if you've got time!! It's been many years!!!

Johnny Sprocket said...

Okay, waiting for my new post.


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