Monday, January 1, 2007

You Know you live on a farm when…

On transportation
- you get really excited when you see the bull dozer on the road it means your getting new gravel
- when you give directions to your place you give mileage from when you hit the gravel road not streets to turn on
-You give serious thought leaving home during a big storm because you may come home to getting out the chain saw before you can get down your road
- You realize the two tone paint job from the dirt road on your car is here to stay
-You never thought you’d be driving you hybrid with shotgun shells rattling around behind your seat…
- when you make a trip “to town” you make it count!
- You’re really happy when your husband comes home and tells you he has a chainsaw in his pickup because there seems to be a very large oak preventing you from getting down your driveway
- Your husband puts his rusty old jeep in the front yard and you really don’t care

On Heat
- The wood stove is king
- Splitting wood is fun the first few times …
- You learn the maul is NOT where you go for shoes it’s what you use @ 7am on a Sunday morning when the fire burned down too far for a big log and you need some kindling… shin guards are recommended

On Power and other modern conveniences
- When there are 5 houses in your canyon and the other 4 have generators take note because the rest of the county gets turned on long before you do.
- You learn when you loose power it’s not heat that’s the problem it’s water most well’s require power !! who knew ... (but we will be changing that : )
- The mail lady knows your dogs name and nags you about the “accessibility” of your mil box due to the road being washed out
- Going on-line for internet faster than the phone line consists of driving up the gravel road and parking where I get cell coverage and looking like a spy as I work on my laptop in the car.
- The wood stove IS also a very valuable cook surface
- Hot water bottles are one of man’s greatest inventions

Other things I’ve noted
- It’s quiet... I mean really quiet!
- I can see sky from every window
- Our friends still visit which is amazing!


chou-chou said...

WOW!! This is so great -- I love love love it!

Thanks for posting the pics. What is Brian doing on the roof of the barn?


Clare Carver said...

thanks darlin' : ) this blog stuff it really fuin I must admitt thanks for encouraging me to do it : ) ... brian is patching the roof with some sort of roof tar stuff... : ) he looks pretty darn happy no?...

Kate said...

Clare, your descriptions are so vivid and I can just close my eyes and see it! Nice blogging! You guys are so photogenic and now so is your homestead!

Clare Carver said...

oh thanks kate.. glad you can read bayond my lack of puncuation : )

Clare Carver said...

humm and HORRID spelling : )