Monday, January 8, 2007

the sublty of a livestock auction

Today we went to a livestock auction ... we went to take a look at goats and weaner pigs. Today was not a buying day just a day to check things out and that we did.

We arrived and took our seats looking down into the pen were two very able “hands” where bringing the animals in for there moment and then shooing them out with an amazing rhythm, only out done by the auctioneers song all his own.

I noted we were a little out of place and clean looking and as any girl would I had attempted to wear cloths that might help me "blend in". I quickly realized that would have been impossible. For starters there were only 3 other women there so no matter what I was going to stick out...These observations where dwarfed by my fatal error... I wore my hat... I thought that would help my situation when I grabbed it as we went out the door. I now realize that auctions that are for cows and horses are attended by folks wearin' the cowboy variety (like mine).. but auctions for swine goats, sheep and the like are attended by the folks of the ball cap wearin' variety..

The bidding was fun to watch we felt like we where able to pretty much follow along. The only hard part was being able to tell who was doing bidding. I've been to lots of fancy art and wine auctions and these farmers have more subtly for bidding in their little fingers then those hi-brow art guys.

We may go back there for our goats.... maybe not the pigs but we’ll see they didn’t have that many weaner (aka just weaned) pigs and that’s somthin’ we may want to get locally from someone we can build a relationship with.. but we’ll see

Eating lunch at the sale barn I may not re-visit, but even that had “ “authenticity”

That’s today’s farmin’ info other than that we walked up the hill and B showed me a spot he thought would be good (aka dry) to put up a round pen for my horse I may do that tomorrow ( I noted that it was quite far from the house : ) hummm … other than that workin’ on designing stuff for my clients that actually pay me to do things other than go to livestock auctions…


Eithne said...

Hi Clare,

I am enjoying your blog and reading about your "homesteading" experiences. David loves to chop wood and has already chopped enough for three years at our cottage. Maybe you should invite him out next autumn to fill your woodpile.
I have forwarded your blog to Michael; and to Cliona, who has recently settled in Toronto.
Question: what does Brian do while you run up and down hills? Eithne

Clare Carver said...

Hey Eithne! thanks for looking and forwardeing on as well !! I may have to start a running comentary on brian's projects... : ) he's sitting around drinking beer don't you know : ) xxoo c You and ANY member of your wonderful family would be TOTALLY welcome I LOVED Cliona and Michale's company!!! and Michael was so amazing at our wedding!!... I've never had a visit from you AND David together that would be super!! we have tons of space lots of extra geust rooms... cheers! clare

Johnny Sprocket said...

How much were they fetchin' per hoof at that swine auction? Do you need me to mail you my faded John Deere hat? Nothin' runs like a Deere. Ppppwwwttttding!!

Clare Carver said...

hey johny well there where weaner pigs right up to a hand full that weighed 600+ pounds that was amazing... I think you should sport that hat when you come up for a visit and bring your boy and you can get rides on what ever tractor brian buys : ) ... I'm thinking good christmas card photo op : )