Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our story beautifully told!!!

Big thanks to Jeremy, Elaine, Joe and Jamin and Outstanding in the field - we are deeply grateful for your part in our story!


Anonymous said...

Yes! So beautifully told and how wonderful to know there are years to look forward to more incredible creations you, Brian and your community will create to better our world!

Rowena said...

I'm one of the *lurkers* subscribed to your blog because all that yous share here is just so darn uplifting and inspirational. The video is like a trailer right out of a movie...what a superb event to be a part of. I so wanted to go for the 'bigger pig' blog contest but since I'm across the pond...oh well, at least I got to see the boys!

Cecelia (CC) said...


thx for the share.

good laughs there!

Katia said...

What a lovely video. It really shows the heart and soul of your beautiful farm. Great blog, great photos, great art, great cast of characters. From one farmer to another, you do the local food movement proud!



Anonymous said...


Sara V.

Robyn said...

I just saw this for the first time!! What a wonderful video of your farm. I can't wait to go there next year with O.I.T.F.