Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a painting from this morning

8" x 11"

The light is changing as summer marches on. Happily I carved out a bit of time early this morning to paint... We've been having more incredible summer weather and we are taking full advantage of it!!


Oma5 said...

I love to see the red that pops out in your paintings... this one is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The drive is a RIVER! COOL Clare - you are a remarkably talented woman! Take care with Curley though - I'd be mighty careful even though you say he's a sweetheart.

Joseph said...

Beautifully done - Missoula is now home to your art too.



Cecelia (CC) said...

oooo, I have wandered on my own paths for a few days...look at all this good news. I love your color and style.