Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back home

Thank you to everyone who has sent there thoughts and prayers this past week. The sadness of my dad's passing last week was sweetened by the amazing family time that came as a result - I haven't felt this close to my siblings and mom in years. Brian took care of the farm while I was gone with the help of Milena a young woman from Germany who is staying with us for a bit.

On a farm note I did slaughter the pigs last week before I left and will be announcing the results to the "who's the bigger pig contest" tomorrow!! : ) Check out my good friend Kathleen's blog story 'roger and me' she documented her journey through buying a pig from me getting to know it and butchering it herself - pretty cool she also involved me in the butchering part so I got to butcher my own as well. It was a great process that I will now be able to offer to next years pork buyers - more on that in the next pig blog post!

So it's back into farm life for me the pace of the farm, animals and daily chores brings my heart so much peace.


Niki said...

I'm sorry about your father's passing. I lost my Papaw less than a year ago, and it's still hard. Isn't it funny how the routine of work on the farm can soothe the soul though?

John Lewis said...


I am sorry to hear the sad news. I know the feelings well. Stay strong.