Monday, March 1, 2010

This really matters!

I spent my day yesterday in Corvallis with a group of 60 farmers from all over the state of Oregon coming together with a common voice to advocate for our selves on major and critical issues with the guidance of Friends of Family Farmers. It was a thrilling day and totally inspiring that we can and will change agriculture. I was left knowing small farms matter and can make our voice heard with the help of this act! Read more at the FofFF web site and watch this video!

We 60 farmers volunteered our time and passion after coming to one of many local small community meetings that Fof FF organized all over the state to start to get their arms around the issues and roadblock we are facing. The 'delegate' farmers represent tiny producers like me to family owned and operated 'Organic Valley' dairy - IT was a huge cross section of produce and livestock small and medium farms old and young veteran and freshman... very powerful!!

a statement from the Fof FF web site they said it better than I did : ) -

On February 28th, was the Farmer Delegation in Corvallis, where a cross-section of family farmers will come together to establish a statewide platform for food and family farming. Through this process, the Agricultural Reclamation Act for Oregon will be written. Our combined strength, represented through this document, will put family farms first, and ensure that public officials hear and understand the needs of farmers who are practicing a type of agriculture that respects the land, sustains rural communities and contributes to the state’s economy.

Thank you Friends of Family Farmers for you hard work passion and job done so well!!

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