Friday, March 19, 2010

beautiful morning on the farm

The weather is amazing today in the mid 60's and warmer in the sun!- I was inspired to go out to do chores today with camera in hand so you could come with me on my morning rounds!! everyone was so happy this morning it was great!!

the baby chicks get checked and fed first!

Then I feed the layers and collect eggs
this is El Gallo the rooster - he's the big man on campus

then I head out over this field which is trefoil we planted last year and it;s doing great!
you can see the chicken bus in the background

here a close up it's a legume like alfalfa

Then I go give hay and alfalfa pellets to my goats and edward the Lama

This is a close up of the buds on my trees sooo close but not yet!!

Clementine waits close at hand as I feed each group of animals

Then I go up the big hill to the horses and cows who have been mooing and whining ever since they saw me head to the chickens --- "hey lady up here hey what abotu us!!!"

Haley "does this baby in my belly make me look fat"

Huston what a sweetie : )

in case I get lost after chores I know which way the wine is...

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Cecelia (CC) said...

From Sutton:

"I like the yard and the dog. And also the horses in the row of pictures."