Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's almost April - hard to believe - the wood stove is still cookin' but not too much longer... thankfully as we are almost out of wood and had to go gather some this weekend and let's just say it's not exactly dry... ah well not to much longer now..

the plums have started blooming and the apples, cherries and pears are close on there heals!! We did a bunch of farm work Sat and that evening our friends kim and scott come to visit from Napa : ) - it was a nice visit with lots of eating drinking, some hikes in the woods and even some working horses - scott seems to be a natural with the horses!!

a trillium flower from our woods

not a great photo but this is the first pair of bluebirds I've seen this year on one of my two boxes!! yippie!

My three farovite men! (with one being a little higher in the pecking order of course:)

some of the spring bounty around here!


Cecelia (CC) said...

Are those plum blossoms in that jar?! If so, that's quite decadent!

As we made dinner tonight, I thought of you - it is so fun to cook together. The kids put away their clothes and called out to us, "We're doing some great team work!" "Us too! I called back" and thought of you. We sat after dinner tonight, my daughter on my knee and my son on Tim's, telling stories and I tossed a toast to Big Table Farm for teaching the priorities. Cooking and eating together goes way beyond good economics, politics and ecology. Community, neighborhood and maybe even world peace, begins at the table. Go Big Table!

Cecelia (CC) said...

And thanks for bringing that equine team along so gently too - they look so at peace with their work, like they had the time needed to grow naturally into this job; but then again, that's how you do things. Lovely painting.

Michael said...

Clare, what a beautiful painting.

I love how you capture the detailed highlights of spring light as well as the subtle but rich shadows which often go with it. The shallow depth of field with just the one daffodil in focus pointing to the eggs really conveys this sence of overflowing bounty that is spring.

Your use of color and light in this one really blow me away.

Thanks as always for sharing-