Sunday, March 21, 2010

dear blog readers

Hi all - As you know who have been following this blog for a while... I can't spell - I write terrible run on sentences with lots of --'s or ...'s hardly ever use a comma (I missed the day they taught punctuation in grade school, again in high school and art school profs didn't seem to care that I was illiterate)... and I can barely type.

The results of all this are more of my posts are random comments I think up on the fly and LOTS of photos : ) which I love sharing... so long story short I'm thinking of changing the photo size to a little bigger but don't' want to be a bandwidth hog? do you like the old size or this new little bit bigger size??? let me know your thoughts people!

fondly - your "occasional story telling lots of photo taking" blogger - clare

large size

med size

large size (the other way)

med size (the other way)


Oma3 said...

I vote for large and I love reading your text even though there are boo boo's. They just make me smile.

Carver Family in Vermont said...

Large is cool with us we love the photos and we love DSL and a fast connection so whateva ... Thanks for the stories and congratulations on the "poster" I envy that weather oooo man

Kate said...

Your writing is wonderful, even if there are grammar crimes contained within - it always sounds just like you and has tons of energy. Don't ever hesitate to write here! :)


Anonymous said...

Mix it up - and trust your perfect eye to choose which shots should be large or small. Never mind about errors sweetheart - honestly I don't even see them; it's what you are sharing that means the most. xox

Michael said...

Clare, lets face it your pictures suck. I am sorry I'm the one that has to break the news to you but we come to your site just to see what trouble you have gotten yourself into this week. If you must put pictures up, please keep them as small as possible.


Michael said...

Whats this bull shit - you have to approve our comments now? What kind of operation are you running. Are you a communist?


PS: Why do I have a feeling this comment is going to not make the cut? hmm.

Mommy de Uber-kids said...

I like the larger photos. We have lots of bandwidth (at least until my son learns to use the computer better.)

And I enjoy your writing. It's expressive and heart-felt!

Clare Carver said...

Thanks for the feedback all !

Michael - well you'll just have to come to the farm and take photos for me and since I'm a communist I won't pay you but you'll do it anyway as it's for the common good right? : ) xxoo c

Anonymous said...

Clare! You are spontaneous and wonderful and I love reading your posts - please don't ever even think about thinking about it! I love your writing - and the pictures can be BIG is my vote.

Cecelia (CC) said...

It's funny, I often edit while reading, thinking, "I could do this for you". With smug satisfaction, I go along reading and mentally correcting spelling and grammar to my unique versions of how to use the language.

But, since you asked, it now occurs to me what all that really means. It means one thing: apparently I am very clear on exactly what you intend to say, and have no problem translating!

So much for the English major, editing to "right" and "proper". I think the crowd has the answer here...your enthusiasm and energy drive the words to our hearts regardless of how they are spelled. That's poetry.

Language is that versatile...and you use it like an art form!

So, thanks for asking!

Clare Carver said...

thanks for the big old vote of confidence everybody - and thanks for being my community!! it's takes one ... big hugs to all ... clare

Greg said...

Looks like the votes have been counted...I would have been in the majority...if only Congress worked like this!!

Joseph said...

I luve the photoes....and vote for you're bigger option.