Saturday, October 31, 2009

right here this is it

There is no past there is no future - it doesn't exist... it only exists in our minds .... so don't concern your self with it... easy to say hard to live - This is a lose application of most eastern philosophys that de-emphasizes theoretical knowledge in favor of direct, experiential realization. In other words get out of your head and put your energy and heart into what you are doing thinking and feeling in that moment... Or in Duane's words (my very own Buddhist monk with a handlebar mustache) "clare you where not here tonight when you drove your boys they where there for you but I don't know where you where... when you drive horses you can't be thinking about that fight you had with your sweetie or what you have to do tomorrow you have to just drive horses" reference to himself "when I come home from work this is my time I just drive horses" I asked duane the other day why he was always in such a damn good mood this might just be a window ... ahhh he's been "meditating" for years he just happens to do it with two pieces of leather in his hands and a couple thousand pounds of equine in front of him. So my lesson yesterday didn't really have to do with how I hold the lines (although we did make some refinemtns there) it was about being right there clearing your mind and paying 100% attention with head and heart to what you are doing... - ok lucky for me I get to do it again this afternoon... and if I get really good maybe even try to put that into my day when I'm not driving horses... what a gift -


Monique said...


I am so incredibly happy and proud of all the progress you have made with the boys! It really brings me joy to see your photos and growth. Chief would be proud too!

Your post is awesome! It's something I have been contemplating quite a bit lately, as well as, seeing the joy in life. It seems so simple but so hard to sometimes apply to daily life. :)

Cheers Girl!

Joseph said...

Ok...So I spend a lot of time proofing student papers but surely, someone else has made the connection between Haley's post about Michael's birthday and this post:

Philosophies and Refinements (the secret names of Clare’s team)

I love you bunches...Big Smile, Joseph

Joseph said...

BTW Duane is spot on...same philosophy of Thomas Keating's Mindfullness

carver family said...

What a great friend you have in Duane - and obviously the perfect teacher for you!~ You and he look wonderful, and the horses - all of them are truly stunning to behold even dragging a sorry old tire! Love it! Xox MBee

Anonymous said...

That is what I love about horses it is just you and the horse and nothing else. The experience of emptying your mind and allowing yourself to become one with another being. It is a relationship of trust and commitment that is so essential to how we function on a day to day basis. I feel this is why all horse people all over can connect with each other on some level because if you love horses you have experienced this amazing phenomenon. Oneness with the horse!!!

Celia said...

SO, I logged on to make a comment, but V already said it. Yup!

- CC