Monday, October 12, 2009

Another day of harvest

c - "smile Brian it's for the blog"

b - "OK Clare now let's get going"

b "ok ok turn on the belt "

b - "let's go!!"

We got the Cattrall Brothers Vineyard Pinot Today - This is a certified organic vineyards and is farmed by Tom and Bill Cattrall in Amity Oregon (Bill also happens to be the father of the the lovely Julia - who has farm sat for us several times and taken excellent care of all our critters) - This is a new vineyard for us but not a new vieyard at all - we are looking forward to working with both the fruit and the Catrell Brothers - Bill has sat on the tail gate out side the feed store with me several times and talked about organic animal feed and alternatives to the corn soy standard - he's been farming organicly since the 70's and I have a lot to learn from him - So we started very early (in the dark doing chores) and then got the the winery bright and early to sort fruit - and some of us where less'bright' at first.. I don't know how Brian does it he's got amazing havest energy I think he's runnign on 90% adrenelin...

a little to early of a start ...

I recovered pretty quickly : )

Clemintine is NOT so sure about all this...

The Cattrall vineyard truck - a classic!

And the Principessa


Anonymous said...

Love the truck - a lot. If I had tons o'money, I'd commission paintings of Pig One and that truck. 8-)

Cecelia (CC) said...

thank you thank you thank you.....a whole new side of the story now in pictures. I loved this post.

Anonymous said...

Totally cool truck!!!