Monday, October 26, 2009

A day off

Between harvest and holding down the fort here at Big Table as well as all my own art and design work - I really was in need of a day 'off' and thanks to Duane I got one -

I thought of nothing yesterday but horses all day long and it was the best day I could have conjured up! - I've actually been looking forward to it for weeks! As I stood all day Saturday from 9 - to 9 talking to folks and pouring and selling our wine I was secretly dreaming of being behind a team! and I got my wish! - The long and the short is Duane (who is my draft horse friend and mentor) came over to BTF we loaded up the boys took them to One Mile Shires (duanes beautiful farm you will see pictured)

- Duane helped me to fit harness to the boys who now have two matching leather harness - beautiful old school set that Duane salvaged and proceeded to drive horses for the rest of the day!! - oh man was I in heaven - I'm still kind of floating - but my reset button has most defiantly been pushed... the boys are still at duanes and will be for a bit - while he helps me work them into a team - so there will be more horse training news than usual up here on the blog...

duane starts huston on the ground to refresh his memory

then he hooks him with the lovely Hanna who was very patient with him - thanks Hanna!!

and Duane very worried about them running off - clearly : ) - he is standing on the tire they are dragging not as easy as he's making it look!

I chose to sit : ) lower center of gravity

While Daune was getting Huston and Hanna ready I drove hummer to see where his state of mind was.. he was a saint!! I love this horse

Then we hooked Hummer to Gracie - and she is Duane's lead mare and let's just say she was acting like it! - Hummer was on his best behavior for her and us : )

We finished off the day running the manure spreader with Gracie and Hanna - didn't know shoveling sh-t could be so fun! : )

till next time ... thanks again Duane!!

in other news - thanks goes out to Windsor who came out for two days and helped both at the winery and the farm we got the pigs in a new pasture last week : ) and washed a lot of FYB's thanks Windsor!


Cecelia (CC) said...

This is in our blood. I see you there and something deep in me says, "I remember"...and it feels so right and you look so in your place. Were we sisters before? I am so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

This looks like heaven!!! Hustian has come so far and Hummer is the man as always!!! WOW that must feel amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are mindful of your center of gravity, Clare.

Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed I missed out on that! I had already planned something with Diane or I would have been there with bells on. Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO!! I love it Clare! I am soon approaching days off and would love to come out and watch you at the shire farm- let me know!! And maybe we can put some more rides on Huston if time and budgets allow ... :)