Sunday, October 18, 2009

In good company!! Thank you SF Chronicle!

Check it out I'm so flipping excited... this just came out in the SF Chronicle!

2008 Big Table Farm Resonance Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir ($45): Burnt orange peel, sweet extracted cherry and a bell-clear cranberry highlight, with a mineral edge. Hard to access at first - it's still pretty young - but there's ample ripeness amid its edgy acidity.

For all of Oregon only 14 wines got reviewed!! with ours amid those reviewed them ... Thank you ! SF Chronicle

Big Thanks goes out to Kevin and Carla Chambers who grew the grapes for this wine!! Great wine IS made in the vineyard - as Brian says a wine maker just 'shushes' it along ...


Joseph said...

All I have to say is WOWZERS! That is just about the best news ever. A welcome boost in the midst of your very busy season of work. Well done and cheers to you both.


Anonymous said...

WOW that is totally cool!!!!!