Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tasting Notes

I got several requests for tasting notes for the new release wines - so I nailed one of Brian’s feet to the floor and held him at gun point - ok so I made him some pasta and yummy goat meat tomatoes sauce : )

Tasting Notes – from Brian Marcy 10.06.09 – These brief tasting notes were created ‘off the cuff’ in the middle of harvest and under the gun of clare.

Willamette Valley - Pinot noir 2008

Has a nose of cherry kirsch, berry bramble and spice with hints of vanilla and cola. The kirsch carries into the mid-palate and has a rich yet ethereal sweetness. The spicy finish has notes of black pepper and cinnamon. The tannins are a mouthwatering short dry and firm. Oak Profile - new oak 1/3 new oak François Frères, 1/3 once-used François Frères, and 1/3 twice-used Taransaud. 50% whole cluster fermentation

Resonance Vineyard - Pinot noir 2008

Has a nose of dark fruit, cola vanilla and soy. The mid-palate is rich with sweet fruit and coco and has an elegant mouth feel. The dark fruit persists into the long finish with mature tannins balanced by a pleasing lightness. Oak Profile - 1/4 new oak Taransaud, 1/4 once-used François Frères, and 1/2 twice used Taransaud. 25% whole cluster fermentation

Both of these wines are obviously young and yet are pleasing and already drinking well. I anticipate the flavors integrating even more as they mature. These wines will continue to be a pleasure to drink well into the future.


Carver Family in Vermont said...

Brian, dude... your words seem to flow like water over a smooth stone. Very nice words for a job well done. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the documentation Clare

xoxox Alex

Celia said...

young, pleasing,and a pleasure well into the future....sounds like you two!