Tuesday, July 28, 2009


some photos of Chuck and Nancy's visit to the farm!

We took a day trip to the coast which was very fun and productive...


(I took some licence with color:)

Also the this is the chicken won by Joseph in the "id that mystery jar" contest -- this is a silver point a new medium chuck has introduced me too - Joseph you get the first one ... : ) I'm very happy with it.. and the cool thing is it's drawn with silver wire and it will continue to tarnish with time and get more beautiful!! : )


Michael said...

Nice work in the new medium, Clare! Wish I'd known more about nocino a few weeks ago ;> Turns out, I had a fabulous cocktail the other day I wanted to share- take that fabulous nocino you're making, some top shelf bourbon, a splash of bitters, chill and shake (not stir ;)) and serve with a shaving of orange peel. Yum!! It doesn't have a name yet, but it's better than an Old Fashioned, and very merry and holiday-y. Just thought I'd share.

Love keeping up with you via the blog- keep up all the great art!


Clare Carver said...

ohh Haley - I love this recipe! I"ll share with Brian right away!! tanks for checking in : ) hope all the planning is going well!! xx c

Oma3 said...

This is the first time I have seen your home, Clare... Em had described it and it's fun to get a view.

Could you describe your new art tool? The results are wonderful.

Clare Carver said...

sure - the rooster is done in silver point which is drawing with a piece of silver wire in a pen type stylus and drawing on a hot press paper with a casein ground - it's something you build up with many many stokes and takes a pretty delicate touch - the fun added bonus is it' tarnished with age so eventually turns a warm tarnished brown color.

Joseph said...

Wahoo! I love the chicken. It is wonderful, and cant wait to see it get some patina. I hope you are not too baked (ahem).

see ya thursday


Anonymous said...

Sigh - it's really a beautiful rendering of a chicken (wait, not that way! I mean a portrait), Clare. Inquiring minds want to know if you use a maul with the silver wire (not a maul to render the chicken fit for the pot or grill, as it were). Thank you so much for sharing your life.

Cecelia (CC) said...

Yes, the chicken is quite cool and all that, but since it's you I adore, my favorite is the shot of you filling a water jug...oh the confident ease of those mighty hips and the ebullient smile from those luscious lips!

what a woman!

carver family said...

So happy you had such a wonderful visit with Chuck and Nancy.Loved the shot of the painter that Chuck (or Nancy?) took. No new technique can veil your style! It shone right through. It is a happy painting.