Thursday, July 23, 2009

as summer rolls on -

Haying season is in full swing around here and it's a painters paradise right now long days and great light - time to get to it clare!! this barn is next - coming soon ...

In the mean time Brian had a great 40th celebration! and the big table chicken we smoked was just divine!! Kim and Scott you where with us in spirit via the smoker which has gotten TONS of use this summer I think this is the 4x we have fired it up in 2 months! : )

We got our next round of meat chicks the 17th as well so it's looking like beginning of October well have another 50 birds and will most likely have a few to sell along with some stewing hens... these are the colored range broilers and our second batch from this hatchery we where VERY pleased with the others!

and just when you think it's still summer we've got 4 cords of wood ready to be stacked in the shed for winter - that's a good feeling...

and last but not least clementine enjoying the left over ham bone from Joleen the chickens are trying to move in for a little but she's not ready to share : )

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Joseph said...

WOW - lots going on at BTF! Miss you. Joseph