Monday, July 13, 2009

36 birds off the farm bright and early

The first of our 2009 meat birds are off to slaughter this morning - it's a super day for it as it's cool and the transport shouldn't be to hard on them. The chickens are the only animals we don't' do on-farm slaughter with. It's not that I care less about them it's just way to much work to process that many birds I've done enough to know that at $2.50 a bird it's much better to hire it out and mineral spring does a super clean humane job! So off they went we are doing 1/2 Cornish Cross and 1/2 Color Range broilers I'm excited to taste the range broilers as they are a slower growing breed, they are naturally better suited to natural rearing (full pasturing, free range, etc.…) and seem to be hardier and just all around nicer looking birds than the cornish cross that being said this is the nicest looking batch of cornish cross yet. - ok - off to tend to the rest of the kids out there and morning is slipping away and I need to get some big time office work done today!!