Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nocino it is

Nice job Joseph! - whew glad that bike ride was fruitful!!

Your chicken awaits! congrats and nice job on figuring it out !!

(Matt B., Tom T. and Dave P. I'm frankly disappointed in you three fellow nocino makers : ) xx c

(honorable mention goes to sur lie :)


Anonymous said...

Recipe? Please?

Clare Carver said...

there are a number out on the web I'll have to ask Brian which he used but green walnuts, hi-proof alc. (the higher the better!) and cinnamon lemon leak and fennel I think is the gist of it : )

here's a nice post by our friend dave he's a chef and a very good one at that : )


Clare Carver said...

that's lemon peal not leak not sure why I typed that : )

Joseph said...


Maybe I need to bike more...corse I do, but I had no idea what it was doing for my brain. yipeee JC

Clare Carver said...

ahhh you and me both - two wheels spinning creates calm and soothing out of which come creativity and inspiration!!! I've got a show coming up better pull out my wheels - xoxox c

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Clare. I think I will try this with the walnuts that are available over my fence. 8-)
Changing the topic: About the floor in the kitchen - do you recall what kind of paint you used when you painted it? We are trying to match colors to bring the stripes on out to the windows; knowing what paint you used would be v. helpful, but so understandable if you don't remember. 8-) TYSM!!! lq

Clare Carver said...

oh darling on the paint I knew that question was coming I would say re-paint it it's just interior water based wall paint I took some left over paint I had and mixed a few color so from what I had so there are a few stuck color probably Ben Moore as I used them on the inside of the house which by the way I DO know the color for but I think I left you those... ps I think black walnuts are different you may want to look them up on-line!

Kimmy Sue said...

WTF is Nocino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Clare - Can't lose the stripes, but my painter is willing to work with me. I foresee me down on the floor working to get what I want, good thing I'm retired! Still looking up walnut info, but I will probably go ahead a try it, it'll be a project!

Cecelia (CC) said...

Tim says you are brilliant.

It made me smile.