Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fair and Horsey 'family'

I was honored to spend two days this weekend working with Duane and Sarah and the rest of the One Mile Shires crew getting horses ready for the Wa Co. fair we showed off horses Friday and Saturday and it was just a blast!!!

Duane brought 8 of his 16 horses out and there was a lot of scrubbing and brushing to be done but it really fun and the horses are such a pleasure to be around.. Saturday I was on body brush duty and that was really nice I brushed every single one of the six horses for the hitch and got to really enjoy them... major horsey therapy... I also learned to show braid draft horses which may come in handy for when my time comes to show my boys!! maybe next year...

Big thanks as always to Duane and Sarah for treating me like family I have learned so much from you guys and continue to learn !!!

I also got to participate in three of the draft riding shows Friday, One of the driving classes with Sarah on Sat AND got to head for the other driving classes- such fun stuff!! - I got to ride Hanna in the bareback riding classes and she got me blue ribbons in 2 of the 3 classes!! amazing I think they got it wrong but it sure was fun! and then Sarah and I did snag the blue ribbon in the driving class which I can say was earned fair and square --- it was a relay of sorts where Sarah raced the team against two other teams and at each end of the arena where straw bales that I bucked into the wagon and then hoped in and raced to the other end... it was a blast and Sarah did some very fancy fast maneuvering and I bucked against guys and I'm not afraid to say I smoked 'em - ha!! The chicks ruled that class!! he he ... so Big Giant thanks to Duane, and Sarah and Maria too for all the kindness and teaching and friendship!! I treasure you guys!!


Anonymous said...

aw man that looks like it was so much fun!! Horses are amazing!

Joseph said...

Watch out boys - that is my lil sister bucking bails. I bet it was that next level you just got in karate belt advancement that had you so spry and strong! I bet you already thanked Brian for convincing you to take up Karate. See ya thursday eve.


Anonymous said...

You were a super-star Clare! Thank you so much for all your help and for helping me kick the boys' butts!

Next year...mustaches.


Clare Carver said...

YES!! on the handlebar mustaches!! : )

Cecelia (CC) said...

Smoke em chickas!!