Monday, April 2, 2012

Home from Atlanta

We went to the High Museum Wine auction again this year and well - all I can say is WOW!!
(btw sorry for the very bad photos I was way to busy enjoying myself)

I'm not even sure were to begin... other than those folks from Atlanta have hospitality down pat and they also know how to party!

First and foremost thank you's go to our gracious hosts Kristie and Charles Abney - you have seen a few guest appearances from them on the blog. They hosted us for 6 days and five nights in there beautiful home!

We arrive in Atlanta to 'our town car' with the same driver as last year - feeling pretty darn special we get taken to the house where we meet up with the Abneys and Andy Pay of Pay vineyards and Jasmin Hirsch of Hirsch vineyards - and we start the lubrication right away... it was pretty much the M.O. from then on... you should know as I type this I'm chugging apple juice as I came home sick as a dog from over consumption and sleep deprivation ... of course self inflicted illness deserves NO pity! and quite frankly I'd do it again! : )

So day two we visited our restaurant accounts and then Wednesday night was a fabulous party the Abneys hosted - oysters and pizza right out of the wood oven! gorgeous - and of course no shortage of amazing wines...

(warming up the oven for the pizzas)

"interminable" Charles and my man

Ashley Christensen of Pools dinner was also staying at the Abneys - so we got to enjoy some of her cooking late nights along with Steven Satterfield of Miller Union - a very close friend and great chef was also 'in the house' (and yes you can find our wines at Miller Union - run don't walk)

Thursday was a tasting event followed by our winemaker dinner hosted by Nat and Jerilene Slaughter in there beautiful home!

Our Chef was Ryan Smith of Empire State South did an AMAZING job (yes you can get our wines on there list too) Our wines were beautifully paired by Steven Grubbs with the meal ... Riesling with clams, Resonance with Catfish and Bacon, and the Syrah with a beautifully done beef short ribs! I'll just say ESS knocked it outta the park!!!

We were lucky enough to share our meal with Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat. Which was an honor. After dinner the limo .. yup limo was waiting for us to head out to the next party (back at the abneys of course!) cause that's what I needed after a 6 course meal more food and booze till 3 am...

Ryan doing the funky chicken in the kitchen

Hugh Acheson - made a guest appearance to bus tables

Our Limo which got me pretty excited : )

of course brian looks like he lives like this all the time...

Friday was another day to visit our restaurants and the off to the fete which is a dinner hosted by the auction and we met some great folks! After that we headed out to yet another after party ..
which was a super nice party hosted by Abe Schoener of The Scholium Project (our top national salesman ;) - and yet again after a multi course dinner what did we do we went out and ate and drank more ! .. there were all sorts of fabulous guests and I've already been dropping names like my horses drop road apples so I'm gonna just gonna say it was amazing... and the wines... well epic!

I haven't worn heals 5 days in a row since this time last year! Brian's looking like 'mr big'

I think I drank 1/2 of each of these ...

brian hamming it up behind abe

Saturday was the actual auction which was mind blowing (these people can party that's all I'll say)... and our auction lot fetched a pretty penny which makes us happy hopefully they will keep inviting us back...

The Abneys graciously hosted us to a beautiful dinner at Empire State South and between Charles' celler and Steven there was no shortage of amazing wine... the stand out for me was the Chablis paired with a goat cheese ravioli and fresh spring veggies -- heaven!!!

Now that I'm home and The Abneys including (Daisy and Elli) can take a long nap ...

I was happy to be home to see our dogs and told them all about the trip... this was levi's reply... I think he thinks Atlanta beats the farm...

I'm not nearly as clean and a little 'hung' but rolling the memories around like you would a fine burgundy in your mouth! : ) Thank you Atlanta! We love you ALL!!


Beau said...

Wow! That's all I can say..what a cool trip that must have been. Sounds like you met up with some of the most interesting, fun, talented people in the wine biz. Thanks for posting this account. :)

Anonymous said...

I just gotta say, I'm the luckiest big sister in the whole wide world! Love you Clare & Brian, Major Congrats to your most successful trip! Next time maybe more of B's outstanding wine included with a painting? xox

Celia said...

Whoa! Hot hot hot! You look utterly fantastic. Really. NO, really!
Limos, good wine and fantastic people bring out your inner celebrity. Can't even find the western farm girl; she's lost behind a knowing grin. Do you ever admit to people your past, bit more metrocentric, life prior to moving fences?

Clare Carver said...

thanks for keeping up on the blog beau - you should come out and taste! : ) cheers! Clare

Beau said...

I'd love to come out sometime soon! In fact, I'll figure out today when I can and email you. :)