Monday, April 23, 2012

Boots - heels - New Boots

A NYC trip sandwiched between horse stuff pretty much my idea of a perfect week -
horse plowing  - NYC - then the draft horse auction - which is lots of hanging out with teamsters talking about horses and looking at equipment and the occasional bidding on things...

I did pick up a few things but avoided any big purchases this time... although this manure spreader was VERY tempting!!!

As extra gravy to my trip to the auction while I was gone a little gift arrived on my porch from  Country Outfitter - Yup new boots...  : ) you will see from this photo of my old boots it was high time! I've had these old boots since 1997 and I'd say 15 years on a pair of boots is just about good!

Sooo in usual Clare style I couldn't wait to try them out so I took a brand spanking pair of boots are wore them for two days straight at the auction (yup pretty much on my feet the entire time) and yup those boots treated me right... that's when you know you got a good pair... I love them!  They are Ariat Shada boots if you wanna check 'em out! and they are super well made not to mention pretty dang stylish! Thank you Country Outfitter... check them out for a pair of cowgirl boots of your own (or lots of other gear too)!

my new cowgirl boots behind the team

my new boots being shown off on the spreader

my new boots being shown off with Duane and Jeb

On a final note I leave you with these spring time picts of the farm! the fruit trees exploded while I was gone and the baby chicks arrived! : )

a very pregnant Josephine with June bug by her side


Cecelia (CC) said...

This post just makes me happy all over.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! ME TOO!