Sunday, January 9, 2011

our catahoulas puppies are for sale (sniff sniff)

The Puppies are finally officially for sale - It was so hard to chose but we have settled on Levi. (please contact me - clare at bigtablefarm dot com - for serious inquires regarding owning one of these very special pups - there pedigree can be seen here)

there are three dogs available - Lilli, Rudy and the Dude (I assume the new owners will re-name)

Lilli - Is the smartest pup in the litter IMO - she's a spit fire - I think she will do well as the queen of her castle.. I think she will make an excelent working dog with her energy adn quick thinking.. she's also very sweet and I think will be a VERY loyal dog. I'd like to see this dog go to someone who has owned working dogs.

This is Rudy - He is hands down the sweetest of the four dogs and the most loving and people oriented - He's the biggest dog of the litter and VERY laid back and beta - He's a comfort seeking lover and will be a wonderful pet.

This is the Dude - He's the dog I almost kept - He's also very people oriented. He's smart and athletic I think he's a dog that will rise to just about any occasion. He's got eyes that look right through you. He's smart but seems like he will be very eager to please and nice to train.

This is Levi who we will be keeping here at Big Table Farm - We think he will be a good working dog.


Jes said...

Levi is also the cutest little boy on the whole planet! I love the sheen of The Dude's coat. Rudy looks like a snuggle-monster and Lily is just lovely. (She reminds me of Hermione.) Oh, how my husband would kill me if I came home with another dog! (Not to mention Ella Dog would be fit to be tied.) Those are lovely pups and Clementine should be so, so proud. I'm really happy for you guys and hope to see y'all soon.

Cecelia (CC) said...

I hope Levi is all you dream for him. I am SO happy he gets to stay with you.