Monday, January 17, 2011

I seriously can NOT finish a book

First reason for my inability to finish a book is I don't have any time for reading these days with runnign a farm, winery and graphic design business and secondly I'm the worlds slowest reader - more often than not if I do read it's non fiction (cooking or farming related) and I climb into bed with every intention to read for a bit and 99% of the time Brian peals the book off my face... so when my sister in law sent my a novel about some writer gone farmer although I was touched I have VERY low expectations of ever actually reading said book... so when I was packing to go to LA with Brian I tossed it in my bag just for kicks...I started reading on the plane ride down and read about 1/2 the book!!! and I think I cried or laughed on the plane 5 or so times I pity the person who sat next to me who I can't remember because I was reading! (there was certainly NO time for reading once we got there) but I was actually looking foward to ghe flight home too keep reading... and much to my own shock and brian's too I finihsed that book on the flight home... I was a slobbery mess as I walked off the plane finishing up the last pages in the jetway (which I won't spoil for you) -- so I'll just say I felt more than just a little simpitica with this woman and LOVED this book and highly recommend it ... thanks sally and alex xxx c


Jesica said...

I'm so glad you didn't tell how it ends. I'm about half way through it, too, but I'm bogged down with homework, so I have to wait until spring break.

And it's nonfiction-- really happened. I'm seriously liking it, too.

How are the pups?


Cecelia (CC) said...

this is a new one for me - thx for sharing.


panthercreekcottage said...

I know the feeling about not finishing a book. But it sure is good medicine for falling asleep fast. I prefer non-fiction too and your review has tempted me to check it out. Thanks.

Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

I read this book as well and it changed the way I look at farming, my life, my writing... I think as a farmer, it is an especially touching read. Yet, informative for all I believe. Didn't you find yourself wondering how they do all that they do on that farm?
I do love your paintings very much. And your blog.