Monday, November 9, 2009

what a great opportunity!!

what a great opportunity!! I got to be on KBOO radio show -

Portland area farmer Clare Carver (Big Table Farm in Gaston) returns to Locus Focus for a chat with Joel Salatin, farmer, food choice advocate and dream-doer, who runs Polyface Farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We'll discuss the sustainable agricultural methods they practice, based on polyculture and the interweaving roles of farm animals and crops.

I had a ton of fun doing this show thank you Barbara and KBOO!!

Click here to get the pod cast!


carver family said...

Oh MY GOSH CLARE! You and Joe were stupendous! Just a fabulous job all the way around! Wow Wow Wow! I LOVED how you redirected it to your community at the end! WELL DONE! xox bee

Michael said...

So this is going to be and sound random but here it goes. Jacob and I once tried to figure out why all the hipsters in SF look the same? We thought it was more the simply a lack of imagination. We surmised one night, after a few pulls of some local brew that it was that SF was a transient place where people in their 20's came to reinvent themselves. While in the process they tried on the local flavor and in the end would create their own style and they are that person.

Well my dear you and your husband are officially farmers, cultivators and community members.

Now tomorrow I will actually need to listen to the show ...teehhee


Clare Carver said...

from a 20 something SF burning man and rave attending hipster - turned farmer I thank you!! xoxox car

Clare Carver said...

ehem 20 something more than 10 years later ... sigh....

rich said...

That's awesome....posted!