Sunday, November 22, 2009


They call it a team for a reason -- this morning I went over to Duane's to work with the boys we are getting to the end of their time there and they will be coming home in the next few days - So I went over early this morning to clean their stall and was half waiting for the weather to clear - at some point it was 'clear' that working with the boys was more important than staying dry... so Duane and I harnessed - there was very little talking now having worked with under his tutelage for quite while both with his horses and mine. I hooked up the boys and as we headed down the gravel road the rain started and then after a little bit it started to hail - hail that was small enough it simply dried out the rain for a bit - I was grinning and more content than I can say. We continued on and went to the end fo the road, turned around and started heading back. It was then that I felt a deep connection with these two horses like I hadn't felt before we were all working together the three of us each so different but working in concert - 'special' is the only word I can use to try to explain the experience - I started to cry with happiness and pleasure it was raining and I was crying... driving the horses down the sweet wet gravel drive all of us listening to eachother woven together. Now I understand why they call it a team.


Michael said...

That is strong strong medicine. Words often get in the way of listening.


Joseph said...

Beautiful - you articulate the grace ordinary so well.

Clare Carver said...

what's the the grace ordinary??

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :)

I'm going to Duane's on Friday to drive my team. You going to be around?


Clare Carver said...

I'll be here at the farm getting ready for folks coming to taste wine!! we are open to the public fri, sat and sunday!! yipes : ) but brought the boys home today - maybe I can squeeze in a morning drive on Saturday?? you staying over wanna come by???

Anonymous said...

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