Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some great beef

We had a great meal at Ned Lud tonight hosted by Slow Food - It featured the beef prepared a number of ways by the genius of Jason and Ben - nice work gentleman - I got to meet some pretty awesome women ranchers from eastern OR check out there ranches and if you are local to portland you may want to give there beef a try it's pretty freggin good and they are all doing grass fed and finished beef and on farm slaughter!! nice work ladies...

Cory Carman of carman ranch
Liza Jane of 6ranch
and Jill McClaran of Mcclaran Ranch

Liza Jane's cattle


Michael said...

Yummy. Hey this reminds me. Let me know what you want to do about meat for the holidays. Perhaps Carlton is not where you want me to place the order this year. Perhaps I can place it at Big Table?

Let me know. I would like to contribute to the celebration. I would make you a bottle of wine but I don't know how. I can't wait to try your Nocino too. I will bring a bottle of Woodford, my favorite bourbon, too. I think the Nocino and it might go nicely togeather if that is not sacrilegious.


Michael said...

Some health benefits of Nicino:

Joseph said...

Yummy Christmas dinner, MEAT, homemade bread, and company that is outta this world.

Can't wait.


Allan Stellar said...

I look forward to trying a bottle or two of your wine sometime.