Friday, November 27, 2009

Thansgiving weekend day one

Holy cow !! - Thanks to everyone who came out. Many cases left in your arms thank you one and all who came to visit - The pork belly that came out of the smoker was amazing - thank you brian! and there will be more tomorrow so if you are deliberating what to do with your weekend - come out to the farm try some pinot and pork and go home with some bottled smiles for later enjoyment!

The icing on the day for me was in addition to some wonderful wine appreciators there were some folks who had visited at open studios and came back for wine - and one particular guest came back bearing a gift - this little book she made! It's this little egg sized book that is incredibly wonderful and whimsical she made it from a card that had my chicken paintings on it soo creative... - wow amazing thank you Peg.!! I love it!!! THANK YOU!


Michael said...


That is beautiful. Perhaps an illustrated book involving farm animals is in your future.


Celia said...

Peg has done it! marvelous. Here's to another great day tomorrow!