Thursday, September 24, 2009

long silence here but not on the radio

I was silent here but the last week or so have been very full - more news soon but in the mean time - Check it out I was on an interview with the Mayor of Portland Sam Adams and Jill Kuehler from Zenger farms - it's a 45 min interview so have something else to do while you listen if you do ... : )

here's the link to the pod cast to listen
(scroll to the bottom of the page for the audio files)

On this segment of Locus Focus, host Barbara Bernstein talks with Mayor Sam Adams, Zenger Farm's Jill Kuehler and Clare Carver with Big Table Farm in Gaston, about why we need to protect local farms close to and inside our city. We look at the connections between land use policies that preserve small family farms and the growing movement to eat local food, and maybe even grow our own. Find out why eating and farming sustainably is a revolutionary act.


Anonymous said...

OMG - you absolutely ROCK!!! Like we didn't already know that, but you were awesome on that interview, Clare. Are you going to have bees in the future (I don't recall you having bees yet)? Thank you for the shout outs to and - but my dear, why didn't you talk about the 'buy wine get dinner' offer you have? I like your prodding Mayor Adams to have the city 'show folks how' by ripping out extraneous lawn and putting in gardens - what a wonderful idea. 8-) Telling about your pigs' life was so good, sigh. Finally, butter, coffee and chocolate, eh?
Love, lq (you couldda told about the large carrot top in the Napa garden - and Napa has a community garden now!) 8-)

Clare Carver said...

thanks Lois!! you are such a great supported of all our projects - ahhh the dinners - we're in a bit of a spot with the county at the moment so we are doing dinners 'privatly' only right now as we need some permits... : )

Anonymous said...

Nice Clare. Another org I just found for sourcing local foul is

Only good for those of us in the Bay area but they have some interesting info I though you might be into in all your free time ;)

Thanks for the nice v.mail The Sierra's were amazing. Went on some spectacular hikes on the East side and in Yosemite and then in usual style sat on the porch and watched the stars come out as we read our books. Just re-read Omnivores dilemma. I found some nuggets I missed the first time around. Needless to say, we are so proud of you. Love,