Monday, September 28, 2009

'Fall' swing around here

The beautiful Resonance Vineyard and our '09 Pinot!!
this is the vineyard of Kevin and Carla Chambers friends and amazing farmers

getting ready to can!

After my trip to Ca for my brothers wedding -- which was beautiful!
I came home to a overflowing garden and harvest getting rolling...

Couldn't resist this beautiful 'love' tomato!

Brian and I walked the resonance vineyard yesterday - walking sounds romantic actually Brian walks way faster than I do with and with a very intent concentration. Brian grabs grapes side to side as he walks/runs through the rows... I try to catch up, taste and learn as much as I can. Brian is tasting for when to pick - brian dosn't test and pick when the lab tells him to... his theory is it's like picking a peach off a tree when you bite into the perfect peach you just 'know' I love this about him... It gives me so much respect for those 13 years of 'putting in his time' with great growers and winemakers to get the feel down... so the vineyard must have tasted good to him (it did to me) this morning we are picking resonance vineyard and I'm sitting here blogging - but before you think I'm a lazy bad wife as soon as I'm done I'm gonna feed the animals and then hop in the car and get my ass to the winery where Brian and I will sort grapes for the day - more photos of that too! : ) -

Katie came out yesterday and we moved the pigs (photos of them soon too they are sooo cute) and we harvested about 2/3rds of the ripe tomatoes and boy what a harvest!!! thank you Katie as always!!

good stuff... ok off to work for me... I just heard the horses whinny they know I'm up.

oh and now it's truly fall as our heard of elk came back a few days ago - oh how I love seeing them...


Celia said...

You are in heaven. In case for a moment you thought this time/space thing was real, let me affirm what you illustrate by your life.

Thank you for being one of those who shows me this, since at times I may forget and think somewhere else, some other time, is where we are meant to find Joy and Peach (sic...I meant Peace, but maybe Joy and Peaches is even better!)

XOX, the red one

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....