Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A note from pig 1

Hello pig 1 here - I'd love to see all you local folks this weekend at art harvest open studio weekend! It's Friday, Sat and Sunday and next weekend too!! two weekends of opportunity to come visit Clare in her studio here on the farm and get one of her paintings for your home and most importantly feed me an apple!!

Thanks Pig 1 - she's pretty darn cute no?? --- sooo It's been a freggin' full week !!! design work, getting the animals moved out of the lower field to get ready for the final pass with the disc and seeder, getting ready for Art Harvest THIS WEEKEND!!! holy shazam! and oh and the grape harvest just a little bit going on... I'll have about 20 paintings for sale and be doing some art and some canning on both weekends - nothing like multi tasking ; )

We had our first fire of the season fall is here for sure!

some homemade soup was in order - those stewing hens sure are nice combined with squash from the garden

our little dog gurading the grapes!


Anonymous said...

OK, Clare, when you are not quite so busy this winter, curl up with 'The Good Good Pig' by Sy Montgomery. Just sayin'.
Pig 1 is adorable; if you could keep pigs in the city, I'd make you an offer.
Hugs, lq

Clare Carver said...

oh great suggestion - I'm actually looking forward to winter - and slowing down believe ti or not!!

Anonymous said...

Oh right - Clare slowing down. Hmmm - doesn't compute!

chou-chou said...

Pig 1 is so freakin' cute!! I want to give her a smooch.