Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Thanks to the Oregonian

Thank you Katherine Cole and for your beautiful work!!

the wonderful article!

ps... I'll get it up on the web site later today but the date for the next farm dinner is September 12th 2009 - and there are only 2 seats left for the August 22nd Dinner! cheers! Clare

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chou-chou said...

holy moley that is one AWESOME article!!! congratulations!!!

Joseph said...

Great Coverage! I love the obvious theme of partnership in the article. I had a ton of calls about it today. Way to go you two



Oma3 said...

Wow, what a great article. I am sending it on to my Oregon pals. I so admire the two of you and how you are being good stewards of the earth...AND you are so darned talented, too....


Cecelia (CC) said...

I wish you could be here tonight at the Saxapahaw General Store. It's balmy, everyone is enjoying wine and under their chairs are bags of produce from the farmers' market, and at the good-time table next to me, the boy who just rode his bike across NC is next to the young man reading a thick book called "meat" because he works at Braeburn Farms with the cattle, next to Eliza who works the hogs. There are those of us here doing our internet work, since this is the only wifi spot for miles around, and those who are here for the first time to be at the mill by the river where things are hoppin'....it's great energy. I finished canning 12 jars of Kudzu jelly this week and the kids love it. They have said a few times, "Hey Mom, we made jelly!" Your image is the iconic New Farmer. This store was the coke and moonpie stop a year ago, and now it has both that and tons of local options along with a fantastic chef. How could we have a chance at some Oregon artisnal wines??

Bev said...

This is great! I just happened to clean up my kitchen where there is an empty bottle of "laughing pig rose"! I decided to check out the website on the back and ended up here after checking out your site. What a great name, website and blog!

Thank you Joseph for the great treat and much luck to the big table farm! I look forward to ordering your great wine for the holidays!

Now to read the Oregonian article.

Best of luck,