Monday, May 25, 2009

on PDXposed

we got interviewed at the Indie Wine Fest and a little clip got on TV : ) check it out...


Michael said...

Clare & Brian,

What excellent coverage. I am so happy for you two. What an inspired idea to invite folks out to the farm. You are such an amazing chef that is an incredible offer.

Loads of love,

Cecelia (CC) said...

Sometimes it just hurts to be back East. What a great idea. I hope folks can await their turn with grace as they look forward to enjoying time with you at your Big Table.


jennifer said...

Farmstead dinner - great idea - I hope you aren't breaking any FDA rules by inviting guests to meet their dinner before they eat it! Staglin, of course, does something similar to this, but charges guests to tour and taste, the price of a case of wine! Yours sounds much more rewarding!

Congratulations on the success of your wines and farm products!

jennifer lamb

Clare Carver said...

Hey Jennifer! hey thanks for the good words at ACME Fine Wines! funny that you ask about the FDA I recently called them about on farm slaughter and other food safety questions about my animals ... and I got up to date on all the right legal ways to do things but at the end of the conversation the guy said you're really fine and we really don't care about you (meaning I'm too small for him to worry about and lady dont' bug me again ok... : ) --- hopefully our will be a authentic experience!! thanks for visiting! : )