Saturday, May 16, 2009

a busy spring

It's been a busy spring the last few weeks - and honestly Brian and I are both pretty fried... I hope the summer mellows out but I know that is most likley wishfull thinking!

Had a fabulous visit from Kevin and Maia and Brian and Kevin got a bunch of work done on the barn!! - that will be so great when it's done!! It's actually straight now!!

We've gotten a big chunk of the garden fence complete which is good as the plants are ready and I'm really tring to keep my cool that the garden is NOT ready - the new site is still too wet to till I'm really crossing my fingers that the ground dries up in the next few days so Brian can get the tractor in there to till!!!

We've had some great farm help from Katie who just keeps coming back god love'er! and China has joined in the fun of moving goat fences and pounding fence posts for the cows! -

the animals are getting moved a lot these days with the grass gowing like crazy with the wet spring we've had.

We've gotten about 50 meat chickens babies and about 30 laying hen babies (with another 78 coming in a week) - whew I'm tired just typing it -

I'm just trying to keep my head above water juggling the farm and the wine and my design and art!! and honestly sometimes I just want to get into bed and not come out for a week - all whining aside I have been able to sneak in some really nice mellow evening rides on hummer and that usually snaps into focus how lucky I am...!!!


Cecelia (CC) said...

I was just wondering if you ever just feel overwhelmed, and where you get such a powerful work I walked over the pile of junk I collected from the land a few months ago and haven't yet hauled off to the dump. I have to admit, it is a bit of a relief to know that even Clare can get tired sometimes. I so love you. And thanks to Hummer for keeping the good stuff flowing for ya.

Michael said...


I too am humbled by you and Brian. We just finished our raised beds, well two of them and Haley is patiently waiting for a large circle bed to transplant the herbs into. Slowly but surely the lawn is getting ripped up.

The barn looks awesome and that is a great photo of Brian and Kevin.