Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanks once again!

Duane and Sarah Van Dyke of One Mile Shires came out yesterday to help me out with Hummer - Sarah had come out a few weeks ago and we did some work with him and Duane gave me a new bit as hummer wasn't listening very well to the old one - so Dunae and Sarah helped me to get hummers harness and bit even more dialed in and gave me more lessons with hummer and little by little I'm getting more confident with driving! They have been great friends and mentors to me. Today I went back out and drove Hummer out in the back field with the training tire we worked slowly and peacefully and I felt like really good about it when we where done - Slowly but surly I feel like I'm making progress towards working my horses on the farm -

Thanks for the photos Sarah! : )


Carver Family in Vermont said...

Hey Clare now you need to have Brian weld something so that you can have a ride behind or on the tire. I see a guy we know all the time and he is balancing on a skid and going around and around and around and then stopping and just having the horses sit quietly while he waits with them. ahhhhhh so nice

Good luck alex

Clare Carver said...

yeah Duane (who made me the tire offered to put a seat on it and I'm working up to sitting on the tire - the cement blocks are on there for now for extra weight and when hummer and I have worked together a bit more we'll throw and bale on there and I can sit on that : )