Tuesday, January 20, 2009

slow food

Went to Portland Last night with some new friends from Square Peg Farm and Gaining Ground Farm - they where on the Slow Food Terra Madre Italy trip and where speaking last night about the convention and there trip. It was a very interisting evening I'm learnign so much and finding the food comunity in Portland is very close knit - it was really neat to experience. After the talks the 4 of us went out to Park Kitchen with Scott (owner/Chef) and had an amazing feast! Thank you Scott - That dinner was so enriching on all levels - I was in full learning mode although I'm know I talked more than I should have - a bunch of super knowledgeable farmers/food advocates and a restaurant owner talking about farmers markets, farm tax status, grain prices, greens in winter, the snow, growing stuff, delivery animals, where to buy baby chicks, cured meats, and hearding cats it's was all out there - man that was quite the evening! I feel so luck y to have landing here in Portland with such a great community. Thanks for welcoming me in!

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ferenge mama said...

dude, don't drink and blog. :-)