Sunday, November 9, 2008

a new color

I haven't posted much about this but since breaking my arms Brian encouraged me to study a martial art to learn better balance and body awareness as well as learn how to fall with out getting hurt. So it's been a little over a year now that I've been studying the Shaolin Kempo a Martial Art and I'm really enjoying it - just tested for my next rank and now I'm a blue belt - this is my 4th test and is the beginning of study in my 5th rank of blue belt. The Lama better watch out or I'll do a spinning back kick on his ass : ) .. actually I wouldn't do that to Edward and besides I think he's still faster than me : )


chou-chou said...

congratulations. you rock.

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! Congrats, and you thought he thought you might not be ready...Ha.

Johnny GoFast said...

Mental note: don't fuck with Clare anymore. Okay, back to my previously vacant mind thoughts. What? That doesn't make sense. Welcome to my head. Who are you talking to? Echo--echo--echo, hey it's pretty empty in here. This is your brain again flickering back to life...don't fuck with Clare. Right.