Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is to Joseph who last night reminded me of seasons... Thank you -

long shadows cast across my field

the light shifting

I think of things I have already tucked away and those still strewn out there waiting for me

I carry arm fulls but some fall - I can't drop all I'm carrying for the sake of those

harvest in her abundance carries bitterness and waste

I watch helpless as once precious spring seeds slip through my fingers

those carefully tended and loved dreams of summer left to rot the field

once round and full they darken and fall away from the vines, deflated and bitter

I will rest for winter

I must trust - knowing they are my spring soil

adding strength and richness that is both mysterious and complex

next years growth will reflect the letting go of this one -

nothing is ever lost


Kate said...

Wow, Clare, that is just stunningly beautiful. Watch out Wendell Berry!

Wendy said...

oh thanks kate you are too sweet ! big love - c

Wendy said...

opps wendy's computer this is clare

Oma3 said...

Wow, I did not know you had that in you. You are a woman of many talents.