Thursday, October 23, 2008

lessons from farmers

I have been a in a bit of a funk despite my cheery blog entries..

harvest get's pretty long and it's hard doing it "all" sometimes... so this evening I was struck by two friends and their advise.. the first was from my friend who is a fellow small farmer - I'm not sure what I asked her when I asked for advise I think I was babbling about trying to be happy find balance and feeling overwhelmed you know those things we ALL struggle with... her advise was in short sit down with your partner and figure out how to do LESS I loved that advise and although I haven't had 2 min to sit down with Brian as he's totally under water with harvest I've put it in front of my nose as my carrot!! how can I do less today! great advise!

The second piece of advise was from my friend Duane he was stopping by this evening to pick up a piece of equipment. I drove hummer before he came as it was a beautiful day and he questioned why I was even in side when he called : ) I've driven hummer a couple times now with the tire duane made for me and it has gone ok.. but this time we worked a little bit harder and hummer was getting fed up and he acted out a bit - I got a little scared and thrown off as he seemed to really be acting funny ... so I checked his tack and thought maybe the collar was to tight.. sure enough Duane confirmed that... I told Duane I had unhooked hummer and left the tire out in the field when he acted up... he said you know you gotta finish what you started or he'll learn if he pitches a fit you'll stop... sigh - he was right I knew it and I had to just get out there and finish and trust it was the ill fitting tack and hummer and I could do this... so dammitt I went out there after daune left and finished the job... Hummer did great and I overcame a little monster in my head.

so the long and the short of it... do less but do a good job and finish the things you do start - that's today's lesson and this weeks montra!

thank goodness for smart farmers...


Anonymous said...

...and those to think to listen to good advice.

chou-chou said...

Amen to all of that.

Do less! Then do it right!

I need to listen to this wisdom myself.