Tuesday, October 7, 2008

White Hawk Vinyard Syrah is rollin' in

We got the first half of our White Hawk Fruit from Santa Barbara CA. and oh boy does it look beautiful we will get the second lot of 1.5 tons Friday we feel very lucky to work with this beautiful fruit.

Here's a little vineyard info for those who want to really geek out : ) -

White Hawk Vineyards is planted on ancient sand dunes on a the south facing slope of Cat Canyon, in Santa Barbara County. White Hawk traditionally has low yields and cool growing conditions. It's 21 miles west of the Pacific and planted at 900 feet elevation. This Fruit is sourced by several other well regarded Syrah producers including Lillian, Herman Story, Sine Qua Non and Vie. White Hawk farms using sustainable and primarily organic practices. The Syrah is clone 1 on 5c rootstock or Syrah clone 6 on 140R rootstock.

Many of you have gotten our wine release letter this week this is the same syrah we have just released. (if you didn't get a letter and you'd like one just e-mail me your address and I'll pop one in the mail to you)

oh and to really geek out here's the google map of White Hawk : )

(thanks Maggie for taking these super cute photos yesterday )


Anonymous said...

I love this geekiness! Pictures are very very cute, too. Here's something for you to do in your spare time (ha ha ha) - type in your old address and look at the street view. You'll see some folks leaving on a quilting outing.
Thanks, Clare. lq

Clare Carver said...

oh how fun I took a peek your yard looks like it's just bursting at the seems!!!