Thursday, March 15, 2007

new contenders... Perry and Plattus

I had to post this post... despite it's being ehemmm VERY irreverent : ) but I didn't write it Johnny did I'm just "publishing" it ... humm

Brian and My Friend Johnny has added to the pig naming... for those of you who are rowing geeks you will find this amusing : )

Hey Clare and Brian-
Great to hear from you. I've enjoyed your blog site a lot. Anyway, our mutual friend Perry Plattus is the only cop we know. I'd suggest you name one of your pigs Perry and the other one Plattus in honor of him. Going with Ham and Bacon or whatever is a bit cliche, even for rednecks down home on the farm. My two cents anyway.

thanks johnny


duncanjr said...

Rumor has it that I am, in fact, still alive... anyway, I'm writing to pass along a little story on pig-naming of my own.

Back in '78 (was Clare even born yet?.... uh) my family moved to the country and started doing the Old MacDonald thing. At one point we had two pigs that weren't yet named - they weren't our first home-raised meat animals - so we had found that naming them didn't serve our interests in the end... or shall I say that naming animals that we ended up slaughtering ourselves was somewhat unappetizing.

So one day there are some friends in town for the weekend including two women, Donna and Marna, that my father and another of the men in the bunch had a habit of teasing. (Clare knows what I'm a talking bout...) So we're all down at the pig-pen as part of the tour and someone asks in regards to the two pigs, "What are their names?" To which my father, always the card, replied, Donna and Marna.

A hush fell across the land.

That's my two cents.

p.s. what about Ima and Ura?

Johnny Sprocket said...

Ima and Ura...I just laughed out loud. Looks like I owe Duncan another quarter.