Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friends with benifits

the zacheries all the way from THe Bay to OR!! thanks guys, Maia Mesurin' and Maia helpin' Brian tie up his panchetta : )

Maia Relaxin' with Clementine and using a sawzaw... damn that girl is multi talented!!

Brian putting Kev to work schlepping hay digging ditches and Splitting wood ...
I'll just say this guy earned his supper : )

On Wednesday Kevin and Maia arrived it was a much anticipated visit and they are still here it's been really amazing!!! they arrived with zacheries pizza and so far have built a pig pen, started the chicken coop, installed a kev's sculpture, schlepped water, built a goat house in the rain, dug ditches, drew schematics of ditch and drive, split wood ("unsplittable" wood at that), cooked a stunning "eggs kevin" breakfast which involved homemade muffins topped with Kevin's special holindaze sauce, fixed our stove... humm these guys should come more often ... it's been an amazing visit full and relaxing at the same time.. .more to come on that when I can just sit back and re-count... oh and and killed a lot of wine : )

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