Sunday, April 19, 2015

turning soil to touring with somms

Last week was a whirlwind - It's been 8 seasons since the first time I had the pleasure of walking behind a team of horses pulling a plow and I got to do it again last week. My dear friend Sarah came hauled me and the boys to the match and walked with us all day encouraging Huston and keeping his mind focused on the task at hand and with out her positive energy I don't think the day would have gone as magically as it did.. She's a great horsewoman and I have learned a lot from her over the years... Thank you Sarah you have the touch!  It was a great day of working with my horses they were focused and worked really nicely. We had a super nice crowd out at the museum and I think even though the weather was a mixed bag we all had a great day of plowing up the earth for spring planting.

sarah - whispering sweet nothings to Huston! :)  he's totally in love with her!!

 The very next morning at 6 am after plowing I was on a flight to NYC and got the dirt out from under my nails just in time to put on a dress and head out to my first winemaker dinner of a whirlwind 6 days in NYC -- it was an amazing trip I got to eat at some spectacular places and meat some amazing NY sommeliers - and share time with some of Oregon's best winemakers and even got a little time to go to the MOMA and get inspired to come home and get into the studio!

my fist winemaker dinner was at 90 acres so lucky me got a farm tour before dinner!! this is lucy!

Then home to the farm this weekend - I was a happy girl.. the weather was stunning and I got to  mess with my bees, move the cow fence and work my horses again!! totally tired this evening and bliss-ed out...

happy to see my sweet hubs too!!

nothin' prettier thank cows on grass!!

the farm is in full bloom!! lilacs and apple blossoms galore!!

my sweet boys! 

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MaryBee Engelman said...

Love Love all the pics! Just lovely! If the Farmer's Almanac is correct - it isn't too far off usually - you have a stunning summer comin'! Lucky You!