Thursday, May 7, 2015

Home at last

After NY I came home for just a few days then off to seattle for a really great winemaker dinner at matt's in the market!! Thank you to all that came out!! and then off to california - where I got to spend some qailty time with the slanted door staff and was hosted to an epic dinner there -- then off to a very special girls weekend and a day with my younger brother was the final icing on the cake... then home to the farm. I have to say while the travel was super fun it's GREAT to be home. The farm is thriving and we are enjoying the amazing weather! 

a beautiful dinner at the girls weekend to celebrate my bff's birthday  

my teriffic brother! 

got my paints from gamblin!! super excited to get into the studio!! 

and 130 native plants for our headgerow! 

for inquiring minds this is the list : ) 
Bigleaf Maple
Birch-leaved Spirea
Bleeding Heart
Blue Elderberry
Blue Eyed Grass
Camas - Blue
Douglas Aster
Fernleaf Biscuitroot
Hookers Fairybell
Mock Orange
Mules Ear
Narrowleaf Onion
Nodding Onion
Nootka Rose
Oregon Grape
Oregon Iris
Oregon Sunshine
Oregon White Oak
Pacific Dogwood
Red Columbine
Red Elderberry
Red Flowering Currant
Red Osier Dogwood
Showy Milkweed
Tiger Lily
White Brodiaea

the cows are loving the pasture !

collected nettles for soup, tea and bio-dynamic compost preps  

and last but not least the bees!! 

one of my hives swarmed and I was able to catch it and started a new hive 

and Bee Local - brought 34 of their hives out to the farm to live - this means there will be big table farm honey on a much larger scale coming in the future!! super exciting : ) 

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