Friday, April 17, 2015

the Laughing Pig rosé is back!

Spring is here! 

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing and the Laughing Pig rosé is back! This first release from the 2014 vintage is brimming with fruit, spice and floral notes, dry as always, yet the rich pallet is perfectly balanced by acidity and texture.  We have been making this wine since 2007, when the vintage demands it, so not every year – hence the only wine we make that continually has the same happy pig on the label.  Made from 100% Pinot noir, fermented in neutral barrels to dryness with malolactic complete. This allows us to bottle without any funny business like fining or filtering.  Like past vintages we have found the Laughing Pig rosé to be an extremely versatile wine, chilled by itself while outside in the garden or with food of all stripes, it just likes fun no matter where or how.  

      photos by Andrea Johnson 

The rest of our spring release is still available and the wines continue to impress me as they evolve.  Stock up while the shipping weather is still cooperating! Thank you again to all who continue to enjoy our wines, we love what we do but couldn’t do it without you!

Happy spring and here’s to some Laughing Pig rosé in your glass!

Cheers! Brian and Clare

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