Sunday, June 16, 2013

on a personal note

I posted some resolutions on jan 2nd of this year... and I got to check one off the list on Friday - I earned the rank of black belt - It's been an amazing transformative process. The funny thing about getting to this place is I feel like now I'm at the beginning again the test for me showed me where my strengths and weaknesses are and gave me a window into what to work on going forward...  I had some amazing friends on the journey with me and - truly tapped into the power and energy that was bigger than just me during the test... I trained and got my body as ready as I could - but what got me through to the end of that day was bigger than any one person - I'm deeply grateful to those people who have been on this journey with me!

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Anonymous said...

Congratuations Clare! A black belt is a BIG deal.