Sunday, June 2, 2013

50 founders so far ! and the first round of plans are in!!

We have 50 founders add there names to the guest list so far! Thank you all so much!!  Brian and I are totally blown away by the support and enthusiasm for the wines and the winery - barn raising! You are all family and we are so excited to share this project with you!

We got the initial plans today from New Energy Works! We are busy looking things over!  As I type we are sharing a bottle of rose and Brian is cutting out little pieces of cardboard and laying them out in the space to see how all his existing bins and barrels and equipment will all fit in the space and how it will all flow...

I'll be adding names over on the right side of the blog as things come in and folks give me the way they like to be listed...  Thank you all again - 150 people is the goal and after just 2 weeks we are at 50!! which is kind of mind blowing in and of it's self - thank you!!! 

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tomfiorina said...

Your timber-beam barn project sounds interesting, as does your novel crowd-sourcing financing of it. You're probably already aware, but be very careful of any wood preservatives that you might use--there's a great potential for wine contamination.