Monday, June 3, 2013

I love mondays!

Monday is the day Brian goes to the winery all day - I set that day aside to paint. I also do other little things for me on Mondays - like mowing the grass, checking on the bees doing a little work in the garden.. today the weather was as good as it get's I painted outside and I got to spend some time with the momma cows too which is always so calming.

the baby was moving so much today it was amazing to watch !! 

Miss Josephine is sooo pregnant she looks like she's about to pop... and she's super docile at this point in her pregnancy she just stands there for as long as I will scratch her... 


A swarm of bees moved into my third garden hive this evening it was so exciting to see! It was a really big swarm and they decided to make my last emply hive there new home!! super exciting... and no catching necessary - gotta love that thanks bees!! : )  

 and todays paintings


and levi being cute : ) 


Anonymous said...

Clare that is so awesome your third hive caught a swarm! I love it! Maybe the other empty hive will catch one too (maybe I will catch one over at the Bunion...)
Can't wait for baby cows!


KAB said...

Baby cows…awesome! And thanks so much for sharing these glimpses into your life and those of the creatures you share the land with.

Cecelia (CC) said...

I'm feeling a cow painting coming on...