Saturday, February 2, 2013

staying warm and enjoying the quiet

It's a mellow time of year - I've welcomed to cold days to do some catchin' up in the office (got 2012 taxes done!!) and sharpening our pencils for spring and summer projects here at the farm in the mean time the dogs wait for us to do something exciting... as you can see the karl the cat has become fully indoctrinated (clementine finally decided he was ok)

I've been making some Formage Blanc - from some of my raw milk from champoeg creamery  when it doesn't all get drunk in a week it's a great use for the extra (thank you Charlotte)  I have to keep up with brian with his sourkrout and salami making.. he's getting a little outta control with all his fermenting in the kitchen - eshh you'd think he get's enough at the winery! of course I'm just makin' noise everything he's made is super tasty : )   

the beautiful milk and my awaiting coffee : ) 

the left over whey has been thoroughly enjoyed by the chickens 

Brian's second batch of salami is even prettier! and he's refining the spices!

speaking of brian - as many of you know he barely tolerates the horses and wouldn't be caught dead on one (I have never in our almost 14 years together been able to get him to go on a ride with me till today!) amazing : )  I'm afraid this may be a rare sight but it was fun non the less .. he said I should NOT take his photo as I would ruin his reputation...  : ) too late...

hummer took good care of him : ) 

till next time - cheers : ) 


Cecelia (CC) said...

this is three posts in one, no wonder I am stumbling to comment.
Part I: my heart almost slipped out of my chest; not enough bones to hold it on. how utterly sweet.
Part II: deep breath; slainte!
Part III: gasp. hurrah!

Charlotte Smith said...

Clare, your Fromage Blanc look fabulous!! Great job! A new recipe I'm making with it.... saute some finely chopped onions and garlic in olive oil or butter, slowly so they carmelize, then mix in the strained fromage blanc, add paprika and salt to taste and you have the most amazing dip/spread you've ever tasted!! Just made a batch for tomorrow's cheese class :)