Sunday, February 17, 2013

bitter - sweet

Two of my three hives seems to have been vacated this winter.. it's hard to know what happened - seems that I still have one of the three - but only time will tell there was certainly buzzing in the third hive this morning.

So I decided to bring in the honey from one of the hives and leave some honey for the neighbor as well as the wild bees. I observed the wild bees yesterday steeling honey and I followed there trial and found there hive it's a few hundred yards away in an old apple tree. They were making a bee-line to the vacated hives steeling honey to get them through the next month or so till the April blooms start. So I took one box for me and left two for any bees who might need it.

I also have put a new roof on the hive Laura gave me and gave it a paint job. I think I'll put this near the wild swarm as that's more than likely a swarm from one of my hives and they seem to like that spot. So I'll put this box near by that way when the spring swarm happens they have a 'bee approved' spot. We'll see I just keep trying to learn from these guys.


Anonymous said...

One hive I can tell you didn't make it because their population dwindled to the point where they couldn't stay warm, so they froze/starved in place, not far from their honey stores. Probably due to queen loss lass summer and a failure to replace her...that colony just never quite got rolling as you know.
Can't wait to see the new roof and bring you your new top bars! See you thursday! xoxxxx Laura

Cecelia (CC) said...

such a huge education. thank you so much for recording the journey.